Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Hurts............

DISCLAIMER: This post has nothing to do with my personal life. Please dont assume anything. This is just something I thought about after watching lots n lots of mushy movies (curse them!)

Love hurts......and how! It is said that the greatest joy in life is to love and be loved! Its true...theres no feeling that will compare to being in love, gazing into your lovers eyes, caressing their hair and cheeks, kissing them just losing yourself in the moment...but is it worth it?

Once its over, u feel like you've been hit by a thousand knives and they have pierced through your heart all the way into your soul! There are no words to describe the pain, hurt and betrayal that you feel once you realise that a small fight can end everything! And a fight over what? Over something you say, when you finally speak up your mind......thats when hell breaks loose!

All I want to say is dont control my life. I love you but I am not your puppet. You cannot tell me what to do and what not to do. I know you are trying to protect me, but dont you get it? Keeping me away from the things that hurt me is not the way to do it. Let me go out into the world and learn for myself, let me grow, let me get hurt and just be there for me when I need you. Just be supportive when I fall and lend me a shoulder when I wanna cry cause thats all I will ever need. Just you being there, without judging me, without asking me to let go of my beliefs.....just loving me and believing in me........not as a protector but as a lover..... as someone I have loved with all my heart and my soul! Someone I have bared my dreams to. Someone I trust.

Please dont misunderstand me.......I need you I really do, but I need you to grow, I need you to let me go out there........into the real world where not everyone cares for me, where not everyone loves me! I need you to let me go out into the world and learn for myself......thats when i'll understand.......and our love will grow stronger!

And at the same time, believe that I will always be here for you, holding you, believing in you, loving you. I dont want to change anything about you, all I ask for is a little that too much to expect?


  1. i m sure while reading this blog,every girl must have agreed wid u,cos most of the girls have been thru a break up atleast 1ce in their life n reason is more or less the same wat uve mentioned ...guys just dont understand wat we need,we dont need a boss who can tell us wat shud v do,wat v shudnt....we just need sumone who can love us,support us,take care of us...they expect the same thing from us....n they wudnt like if we try to boss them around even if its out of love....but wat so every we do or try the end is very painful n it hurts a lot!

  2. check out my post, wrote it as an answer/ continuation to yours :)

  3. @Sweety: I guess you might be right. :)

  4. I suppose to each of his own...its the overall perspective that matters. Love may hurt. But nothing can be more painful than the inability to love a person on account of your own short comings. The inability to express yourself and the inability to come to terms with the sort of lonesome life bereft of love that one is living. One cannot impose dictates on love. For true love is unconditional as is every other humane relationship.
    Love is all about accepting your lover for the person he/she is.
    Its the blind faith that one has on the other that makes every day spent with your lover a joyous and chesrished one.

  5. @Vyas: tu toh bole hi de yaar............sahi mein...lolz

  6. Post my breakup{there is no scope to reconcile, as hes seeing somebody else now} with somebody whom i am in love with...i learnt what love is all about...till then i thought when u love someone u care, u support, u are a lover, a friend, sometimes possesive...u are a friend, critic...but i guess now i feel when you love someone, your inner soul feels one with that soul always and only wishes happiness for that soul...irrespective of where is he and whom he is with...these days i dont even miss him as i feel, i can connect with him whenever i want to...

  7. @ saishia: 'when you love someone, your inner soul feels one with that soul always and only wishes happiness for that soul'....that is so true. Hang in there girl,u never know when love might come back into your life.


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