Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caution - Boredom ahead!

It can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime. It catches people unawares and plunges them into a spiral of sleepiness, irritability and anxiety. It comes unannounced and lasts from a few minutes to agonisingly long hours! What provokes it, you ask? Anything. You might wake up one morning feeling fresh, ready to take on what the day might bring, with high hopes and plans for the coming 24 hrs and BAM! it strikes. There you are then, lying on the sofa semi-conscious or just gazing at the television. Its like all the plans, all the hopes and all the excitement for the day has just dissolved into nothingness and all you are left with is a faint recollection of what might have been.
Something like that happened to me today. Here I was, hoping to study something, clean my room, read the news blah...blah....and then BHAM! i got struck! Suddenly, all the energy got drained outta me and I was left feeling weak in the knees (not out of love for anyone believe me). All I wanted to do was...................NOTHING! And even that didnt help. Inspite of doing nuthin, I was irritable and really crabby! Hopefully, after I post this, I will be in a better state of mind. Sometimes ranting helps! :)


  1. so, you are a victim of boredom ! dont worry....its just a phase you are going through....listen to music!

  2. strikes me quiet often,every weekend i think of so many things ive to do,but this boredom engages me into itself!

  3. Aw- I've been there! Hope it's long gone now.



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