Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Chameleon

Ever seen a chameleon? Observed how it changes colour according to its surroundings? When on the bark of a tree, it turns brown; when on grass/leaves it turns green and when on rocks it is greyish-black. Its almost as if the chameleon is eager to please just to fit in! Like its afraid to offend the things it seeks shelter and solace from. It has no loyalties. And its aptly called rang badlu girgit.
We all come across a few chameleons during the course of our lives. Chameleons who belong neither here nor there. Chameleons who will ditch you faster than you say the word "amen" in your hour of need., who will praise you to your face and bitch about you behind your back, who belong to no-one and no-one in turn is theirs. They live life like a gypsy, wandering from one friend to another, one relationship to another, unable - or unwilling - to commit. With no loyalties whatsoever.
What makes them so feeble? So double minded? Is it a weakness of character or is it just fear? Fear of being rejected by their peers, fear of feeling left out, fear of not being accepted? Maybe its their past that is the culprit. Feeling left out on the playground or being made the laughing stock of the school can have disastrous psychological consequences I suppose. Add to that an almost negligible self confidence stemming out of a physical - or psychological - flaw and there you have it - a chameleon in the making!
I am not at all trying to say that all people with physical and/or psychological failings turn into chameleons. Not all. There are some who are at peace with what they do and don't have. These are the ones who are not misfits, who actually have a firm opinion about things, the ones who are not afraid to speak their mind, the ones who accept their faults and are confidant enough to make - and keep- friends.
Chameleons, on the other hand, cannot come to terms with their defects. They refuse to acknowledge their flaws and go on living an existence of lies and deceit. Their self importance assumes humongous levels and they walk with their head in the clouds. They are too pompous and impertinent to believe that someone out there is/can be better/smarter/more learned than them. They drift from one circle to another, agreeing with everyone and still not agreeing with anyone. They have no attachments in life - or at least they believe they don't - and no one ever is ever attached to them. They get treated the way they treat others - use and throw.
All I want to ask is : Who do they think they are fooling? Do they really believe people are going to like them for their fragile, ever changing opinions? Do they really think they are going to be accepted? How can they assume that people they call "friends" are naive enough to not realise how self centered and selfish these chameleons actually are?
It must be difficult living life like a chameleon, alone in a crowd. After all, we all need someone true sometime in our lives.


  1. I think in this world there are people with different personalities.....there are lions, snakes, bulls and as you correctly put -there are chameleons!
    you have nicely put down the character details, the possible reasons behind such peculiar personality traits....
    all in all a well balanced, nice post .....keep writing some more.

  2. Haha, interesting!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. hmmm i quiet agree wid ur blog,i did have a few frns who r chameleon n always wondered wat made them turn into like this?not having an identity of their own?now i get wat was it.i hope they can change themselves,by reading ur blog.i m sure it will make a differene in their lyf.

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