Thursday, April 1, 2010


So....heres some good news.....I managed to get through the screening test of the Medical Council Of India. :D And now, after having proved that I am indeed worthy of being given a license to practice here,I have 2 months to myself. 2 whole months to spend as I deem fit. :D Funny how I cant think of writing anything rite now,cause while studying for the test,all these wonderful ideas would take shape inside my head....of blog posts waiting to be written and thoughts impatient to be shared! And now that I have the time to put pen to paper (not literally but u get the idea, rite!),theres nothing!
Ah well,might as well say that I have truly missed blogging these past 6 months and have especially missed Wandas wonderful heres looking forward to interacting more with people from around the world and hoping those darn ideas find their way back into my head! Soon!