Thursday, April 16, 2009

'The Tag'

I am not very good at this (false modesty) and since I am attempting a tag reply for the 1st time (well, technically the 3rd time, but the first 2 don't really count as I didn't write anything SIGNIFICANT) I would request the reader to be kind and less critical towards this post.
So, its been nearly 2 weeks since Mad tagged me and if I dont reply now, well lets just say "never test the temper of a patient man/woman" :) So, without much ado, here goes.....
1) I am humorous
2) I worry about anything and everything under the sun
3) I love dogs and kids (not necessarily in that order)
4) All I have ever wanted to do in life is become a doctor
5) I am not very materialistic
6) I don't worry if my finances run a little low sometimes, I know they'll catch up
7) I love to speak in public, act on stage.
8) I trust God
9) I have complete faith in my parents
10) I give my 100% in all my relationships and expect the same in return
11) I am possessive about my friends
12) I trust easily
13) I am hurt easily
14) I don't express my feelings much, prefer keeping it all in
15) Once I lose faith in someone, its very difficult to rebuild it.
16) I love being loved (who doesn't?)
17) I love being able to help people
18) I love being praised (did u say vanity? don't give me that, everyone loves being praised)
19) I love reading books, if there's one thing in the world I could die doing, its reading!
20) I am a die-hard fan of mushy movies
21) I love love! (did you get that?)
22) I don't believe in giving anyone a second chance especially when it comes to relationships, if you didn't get it right the first time, chances are you'll never get it right
23) I love speaking in English (that's an odd one, is it not?)
24) Its very easy for me to pick up a language but very difficult to understand its grammar (hmmmmmm)
25) I absolutely hate math, I just dont understand it...its not that I havent tried, believe me I have!
26) I have been blessed with the gift of the gab.
27) I am very uncomfortable with the idea that some people might not like me
28) I am very uncomfortable sitting in a room with pople arguing, I can feel the tension very very well!
29) I believe everyone should learn to stand up for himself/herself, after all, its only yourself you have at the end of the day.
30) In my world there are only 2 ways to do things, either perfectly or not at all.
31) There are 2 things in life I regret and would really love to change if given the chance (and I am not going to mention them here :) )
32) I hate shopping, HATE it!
33) I am very proud of my little sister
34) I believe everything happens for a reason
35) I believe everything happens for good
36) I believe things change for the better
37) I believe in humanity
38) I believe in equality.......of gender, of caste, of creed
39) I hate people with an attitude problem
40) I can be very cold towards someone if I decide to
There are many more things I could write here but I guess this should suffice! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009


If the sky were red,
And roses black,
If the trees were purple,
And shadows white,
If the truth was lies,
And lies were the truth,
If sadness perked you up,
And joy got you down,
If you hated love,
And loved hate,
If you ate water,
And drank rice,
If the earth was heaven,
And heaven earth,
If the poor were rich,
And rich poor,
If right was wrong,
And wrong was right,
If mountains were short,
And rivers were still,
If dark was bright,
And light was dark,
If good was bad,
And bad was good,
If water was wine,
And wine was water,
If friends were enemies,
And enemies were friends,
If crowd was loneliness,
And loneliness was a crowd,
If you needed company to get away,
And had to get away to be in company,
If you thought with your heart,
And your brain pumped blood,
If dogs meowed,
And cats barked,
If music was noise,
And all noise was music,
If books were movies,
And movies were books.........
If I was you,
And you were me,
....... Is this where you would want to be?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For Mad..........

Have you ever had a friend who wishes the best for you always? Who puts you before herself/himself no matter what? Who listens to your rants any time of the day or night? Who never judges no matter what you do? Who is always ready to support you even if you are wrong? Who loses her/his peace of mind if you are disturbed? Who gets angry at people who say bad things about you? Who is ready to take on authority for your sake? Who believes you blindly and will follow you to the end of the world if you ask? Who has unparalleled faith in you? Who never thinks a bad thing about you - not one? Who pushes you to study hard even when, in a way, you will be competing against each other? Who looks after you when you are ill? Who never complains no matter how much you scream at her/him? Who is always ready to listen to anything you have to confess? Who is never shocked by anything you say or do? Who never loses her/his cool with you? Who never points out your mistakes in the presence of others? Who makes sure you never miss home when you are away from it? Who travels 12hrs just to meet you and spend a day with you? Who takes you sightseeing even when she/he is feeling ill? Who shares everything - EVERYTHING- with you? Who you can trust with your life? Who you know will NEVER betray you? Who you can be yourself with? Who weeps when you are sad and laughs out aloud when you are happy? Who can tell exactly what you are thinking even before you say it? Who knows your fears and pet peeves? Who knows your deepest darkest secrets? Who is so child-like and innocent that sometimes it makes you want to cry? Who is so frank and truthful that sometimes you have to tell her/him its not good to tell the truth? Who is so free of double intentions and bad thoughts that just being in her/his company makes you feel pure? Who is nothing less than a blessing in disguise?
I do and I feel blessed! Love you Mau and I know we will be friends for ever! Just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and how much I appreciate everything you do! :)