Thursday, April 16, 2009

'The Tag'

I am not very good at this (false modesty) and since I am attempting a tag reply for the 1st time (well, technically the 3rd time, but the first 2 don't really count as I didn't write anything SIGNIFICANT) I would request the reader to be kind and less critical towards this post.
So, its been nearly 2 weeks since Mad tagged me and if I dont reply now, well lets just say "never test the temper of a patient man/woman" :) So, without much ado, here goes.....
1) I am humorous
2) I worry about anything and everything under the sun
3) I love dogs and kids (not necessarily in that order)
4) All I have ever wanted to do in life is become a doctor
5) I am not very materialistic
6) I don't worry if my finances run a little low sometimes, I know they'll catch up
7) I love to speak in public, act on stage.
8) I trust God
9) I have complete faith in my parents
10) I give my 100% in all my relationships and expect the same in return
11) I am possessive about my friends
12) I trust easily
13) I am hurt easily
14) I don't express my feelings much, prefer keeping it all in
15) Once I lose faith in someone, its very difficult to rebuild it.
16) I love being loved (who doesn't?)
17) I love being able to help people
18) I love being praised (did u say vanity? don't give me that, everyone loves being praised)
19) I love reading books, if there's one thing in the world I could die doing, its reading!
20) I am a die-hard fan of mushy movies
21) I love love! (did you get that?)
22) I don't believe in giving anyone a second chance especially when it comes to relationships, if you didn't get it right the first time, chances are you'll never get it right
23) I love speaking in English (that's an odd one, is it not?)
24) Its very easy for me to pick up a language but very difficult to understand its grammar (hmmmmmm)
25) I absolutely hate math, I just dont understand it...its not that I havent tried, believe me I have!
26) I have been blessed with the gift of the gab.
27) I am very uncomfortable with the idea that some people might not like me
28) I am very uncomfortable sitting in a room with pople arguing, I can feel the tension very very well!
29) I believe everyone should learn to stand up for himself/herself, after all, its only yourself you have at the end of the day.
30) In my world there are only 2 ways to do things, either perfectly or not at all.
31) There are 2 things in life I regret and would really love to change if given the chance (and I am not going to mention them here :) )
32) I hate shopping, HATE it!
33) I am very proud of my little sister
34) I believe everything happens for a reason
35) I believe everything happens for good
36) I believe things change for the better
37) I believe in humanity
38) I believe in equality.......of gender, of caste, of creed
39) I hate people with an attitude problem
40) I can be very cold towards someone if I decide to
There are many more things I could write here but I guess this should suffice! :)


  1. I am very impressed...if I were you I would be proud of myself...but maybe you could work on not worrying about "anything and everything under the sun" too much :)

  2. Hello Wanda, nice to hear from you. As always, you have been very kind in your encouragement. Yah, I am sort of working on not worrying about "anything and everything under the sun" but have not been very successful. But I wont stop trying. :)

  3. Hmmm.....nice to finally catch a glimpse of you. I guess quite a few of your qualities are akin to mine. Like the worrying part!!!!...I guess we really do need to chill!!!

  4. hey tht was gr8 as.u know tht we all(by all i mean, all ur friends in russia)love u and vr very proud of u!
    stay the way ur.never change.
    u rock!

  5. hey congrats on ur blog of the day award!well deserved!

  6. Congrats for the Blog of the Day Award! Your poems are truly refreshingly lovely!

  7. Hello Gopinath's...: Thank you. I am glad you find my poems refreshing!


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