Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heya everyone!

After a long absence of almost 5 months, I am back! Not with a bang...a thud mebbe, but certainly not a bang! Oh, you wont believe the rollercoaster ride the past 5 months have been,. from the highs of graduating med school to the lows of having to say goodbye to all your friends and the place you come to love, then again the high of returning home to the low of having to live for 3 months in a place that burned as hell itself (due to the scorching heat, nuthin serious!), to the high of studyin to get registered in India, to the low of not making the mark, the high of meeting wonderful people and making some great friends to the absolute, 100feet below the earth low of having to say goodbye to them and sensing that perhaps you might never meet again! Life sucks! BIG TIME!
So here I am, back home, but not as happy as I would want to be! After all not being able to make the registration exam isint a very good feeling. I am now looking at the next 5 months of studying the same stuff and attemptin the xam again! I know I will make it the next time, but it would've been great gettin it done now itself. Neways, cant really help that now, can I? Add to it the fact that I said a very hurried goodbye to two wonderful people I meet at delhi, and I've been feelin down in the dumps! There are so many things going on in my head right now, so many thoughts, so many incidents......but theres a time for everything and today is certainly not the day to write. Its like I would love to write but i simply cant......I am sure what I have written so far doesnt make much sense, but I guess I can be forgiven one post! Looking forward to posting more frequently! Ciao!