Saturday, March 14, 2009

The beginning of the end...................

She looked so tender,
lost in sleep,
she seemed to surrender,
all her secrets deep.

To the welcome relief,
that sleep gave her,
from the unending grief,
that she had had to incur.

She had to do the right thing,
she had to let him go,
she had to part from the one being,
she had come to love so.

She caused him pain,
she very well knew,
and also that she couldnt gain,
back the love she slew.

She had given much thought,
about what had to be done,
she knew AIDS kills,
and the end had begun.

She loved him too much,
to make him suffer like that,
and so his heart she crushed,
and while doing that -
not an eyelid did she bat.

When lonliness tormented her,
She begged from sleep,
the solace that was due her,
after the tears she couldnt weep.

She lay there in slumber,
dreaming of good times,
her days had now been numbered,
she was going to leave all this behind.

And then she saw the light,
she looked at it with longing and greed,
she walked to it with all her might,
and selfishly ended this selfless deed.
AS (14-03-09)