Friday, February 13, 2009


This is a picture of Mr. Pramod Muthalik. The braveheart who dared oppose the "westernisation" of our precious and revered Indian culture. He is the man who heads the Shri Ram Sena. Does this outfit really need any introduction? Any well read individual would be able to state this outfits claim to fame. For the uninitiated, the veer-jawans of the Shri Ram Sena have contributed a lions share in the protection of the culture and sanctity of Indian traditions. They have punished those who dared to cross the lines of decorum and good behaviour set before us by society. They have bashed up women who showed the audacity of going pubbing with members of the opposite sex. Yah yah u read that right..........BASHED UP WOMEN. Sounds masculine enough to me. :)
Finally all of us Indians can heave a sigh of relief. The Shri Ram Sena is here to protect us naive natives from the dangerous, evil and intoxicating "western culture". Does your sister/daughter go out with "boys" to have a cup of coffee? Does she have many male friends? Does she blow away all your hard-earned money on pubs and discs? Never fear while Shri Ram Sena is here. These guys will bash sense into her head. They will kick her and punch her till she remembers her Indian roots. Till she realises that a woman is nothing but a housemaid - all she has to do is the clean the house, cook food for her "pati parmeshwar", give birth to kids and raise them. Till she accepts her inferiority and learns to "respect" her husband and all his decisions.
How dare she, an Indian woman, roam around with a "boy"? How dare she have a cup of coffee with him? How dare she hold hands with him? How dare she........................HOW DARE SHE??????
But, Mr. Muthalik has saved the day by perpetating violence against the uncultured Indian woman of today. He has proved once and for all that violence indeed is the solution to preservation of our tradition. And, like the icing on the cake, he has also declared that all couples found together on V-Day will be promptly married off. Kundalis and muhurats not withstanding. Manglik or no manglik.........if u are found with a guy on V-Day..........subh mangalaaaaa saaaaavadhan! And the same goes for the guys too. :) So if you plan going out this V-Day with your "male/female" friend, dress nicely, preferably in a shaadi ka joda, after all, its not everyday that you get married, and after all the pains that Mr. Muthalik has taken, do you really want to hurt him by getting married in a pair of jeans and tees? I am sure you dont.
Anyways, I know I shall sleep peacefully knowing that the goons, oops i mean good guys, of Mr. Muthalik's gang.....errrrr.........outfit are roaming the streets looking for any girl/woman defying the rich traditions and culture of this great nation that is INDIA. Who says women need equal rights?
Look at the west. What have they gained by treating their women with respect and dignity? Development? A higher standard of living? A stable economy? A LIFE? But who needs all that when we have our cultures and traditions? Not us! Give us our heritage to all the development and stable economies of the world any day. We are Indians. Proud Indians! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!
By the way I just wanna salute the act of sending a pink chaddi to Mr. Muthalik. It was rather gutsy girls! :)


  1. Quite well written!!!....Great to finally discover ur blog!!!!.....Keep 'em coming!!!

  2. Very Well written.. :))

    Events like this are very disheartening.... 4 days back a 15 year old girl committed suicide after she was grilled by a radical group when she was caught with her boyfriend.....

    Yeah We are Proud Indians and its Proud Indians like Nisha Susan, 29 year old journalist who started this innovative movement of Pink chaddi...

    I feel we are in a phase of transformation and sooner or later like ever Indian culture would absorb the best and move on... seeds for the same are sown by Raja Rammohan roy and others 50 years back and we have came a long way from there... we can now feel the change in the thought process in general public and it surely will outnumber and outpower the petty radical groups very soon.. :))

    I m sure no women group would have dared to send a pink chaddi to any radical group 2-3 decades back when conditions of women was even more dreadful..

    Thumps up to Nisha Susan and women liberalization.. :)))


  3. @Vyazz: thank you for the appreciation. will try and live up to it. :)

  4. @Anonymous: Yes, you are absoultely right. The condition of womens lives has certainly changed for the better over the past 2-3 years but I sincerely hope this is not the end. We need more people like Nisha Susan in this world!
    Thank you so much for sharing your views. Really appreciate it.

  5. oh tht was a good one....for a min i actually thought u r praising the guy,but ur last paragraph flipped coin around n in a v good way....proud of the girls who actually sent him "pink chaddi",n very proud of ur thinking....keep up the good work!

  6. I salute this great "saviour" of Hindu Sanskriti;
    This leader of (vaner) sene , a "Param Bhakt"(?) of Lord Ram .
    Ever heard of something called as the VEDAs, Mr WOMEN BASHER? Hindu Mythology revolves around the concept of ADI-SHAKTI. Dont worry, i will make it easier for you to understand: We believe that the universe is run by power(shakti) , Adi -shakti- the one and only true power that runs the universe.Its beleived that Adi shakti is in a female form! And a part of shakti is present in every woman... Maa Durga, Sita, Radha or any girl you bash....(In Madhya Pradesh , Kavari kanya is considered to be a form of Devi Maa and people seek her blessings-charansparsh!)
    So, You ignorant man , you have chosen to beat a Woman. I am sure you dont respect your Mother either...You are not capable of doing that.
    My advice to You and your goons Mr Muthalik-
    go take some lessons about Indian society and culture and then try to understand Hinduism (which is very difficult for your level of intelligence).And then speak about "Westernisation"
    Good work AS keep it up!

  7. @Sweety: Thank you for your encouragement! :)

  8. @2dayswriter: Wow! That was some comment! Love your style of writing. Its nice to see that you have even backed up your comments with facts. Thanks for taking the time out to comment and appreciate all that you have written. :)

  9. I think i made a mistake I thought it was created by some SRS sena member but i am sorry now i got to know that you are my dude hugggg you

  10. @ Sushil: Ehh! I really appreciate your sentiments against mr. muthalik. That was the whole point of writing this post. I am glad you realised it...better late than never.
    I however, cannot leave your old comment on this page as it contains abusive language. Sorry about that. But i must say, your opinions were really great and i would really like you to write the comment again (without the abuse ofcourse :)
    P.S. I am an indian girl and thugs like muthalik will NEVER have my support.


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