Friday, February 13, 2009

The Late Aamchi Mumbai...........something i wrote a long time back

What has happened to the Mumbai i once loved? where has the city gone? Where are the days when Mumbai was considered to be one of the safest cities for women? Where have the considerate citizens gone? What is happening to my beloved city?

Murders, molestations, eve teasing, rapes....where has the respect for women gone? Do the men who commit such henious crimes have no mothers? Do they not have a conscience? Is it sufficient to say that mumbai is getting worse by the day? Is it not our responsibility, as children of this city, to do something? Should we not get together to punish, no eliminate, people who commit crimes such as these and tarnish the image of our beloved mumbai? Why is no one saying anything? Where have the NGO's vanished? What are social service organisations doing?

Wake up citizens of this great city before crime and doom take over. Wake up before its too late. Your city needs you.....dont turn your back to it. Run to help. Break every fist that falls upon this city. Burn every stove thats sets the city alight. Destroy every human who tarnishes the city. Let not another man ever disrespect a woman again. Make Mumbai what it was before.......aamchi mumbai.....our beloved city where women could get out of their houses at midnight and have nothing to fear.

This is our mumbai.....our beloved mumbai........and nobody...NOBODY.....can take that away from us.


  1. Your sentiments about the city and your love for it is amply evident seen through this post. I hope and pray that Mumbai once again becomes what it was before----a wonderful place to live in!
    A well written post. Thumbs-up!

  2. very well written,n encouraging.....i hope soon we will be able to say tht "mumbai is the safest place in the country"


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